Reiek Tlang -viewpoint for Mizoram

Reiek is a mountain peak 30 kilometer west from Aizawl, capital of Mizoram, India. We took a taxi from Aizawl for 3000 rupees which after 2 hour drive dropped us a kilometer avove Reiek village. Then we started walking through a wide unpaved road which ends halfway to the peak, rest of which is steep and narrow. In an average pace it takes one and a half hour to reach the peak of that mountain, 4900 feet above sea level. From top of that peak spectacular views of lush green, untouched Lusai mountain range in the west south and north and Aizawl town is in the east is visible. It was a clear day ans weather was not chilly even in December, rather warm. There are no food or drink or locality after Reiek village, that’s why you have to take light food if you want to stay longer. We took snack at Reiek lodge in the Reiek village, which also has boarding facility. As it is a day tour from Aizawl town one should not miss this place when visiting Mizoram for short stay.

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