northeastindiaholidays is a travel company teamed by hardcore professionals with best experience.This company based in North East,means Assam-Arunachal-Meghalaya-Mizoram-Sikkim-Tripura-Kolkata-Bhutan.northeastindiaholidays is not just a name but it’s a commitment,We are a reputed & professionally managed company which has been in the business of travel since 2007.

Anyone can dream of a great vacation in North East.But it can behard work to make it happen & to find a travel agentwho truly specializes North East in your trip. we carefully select the best travel destination according to your interests…

                                      North East India, one of the most beautiful region of India, also known as the “SEVEN SISTERS” North East a home to more then a 100 tribes, with different traditions & culture. Here everything is very colorful & culture.Once you are here you will never feel like going back.North East india is home to some of the most stunning,Diverse of India from the snow capped peaks of the soaring Himalayan mountains, to the grassy plains of Assam & the steamy forest & majestic waterfalls of Meghalaya – North East India showcases unspoilt nature at its finest….